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Get answers to frequently asked questions including how to get access, product questions, and everything you need to know regarding billing.

Please verify the accuracy of the TradingView username you provided during your purchase. If the username is correct, kindly refresh your TradingView browser or app and review the 'Invite-only scripts' tab on TradingView.

If you still do not have access, or have provided the wrong TradingView username, please send an email to info@marketspotter.io or alternatively contact us via our website.

It is important to acknowledge that no indicator, system, or trading method can precisely predict market movements with absolute certainty. Past success does not ensure future outcomes, and profitability is never guaranteed. We strongly recommend against relying exclusively on our indicators, as all trading carries inherent risks. Traders should approach the market with a thorough understanding of potential uncertainties and adopt a diversified, well-informed strategy to navigate the dynamic nature of financial markets.

It may be due to your selected TradingView plan, as some plans only allow a certain number of indicators to be displayed on the chart at one given time. TradingView free plan will only allow 2 indicators at one given time. Market Spotter is fully compatible with the free version of TradingView; however, to load all indicators simultaneously, a paid plan is required.

Ensure to follow our alert guide when setting your alerts. It is possible that the alerts were not correctly set up.

Our indicators are crafted to function across diverse markets, encompassing the global stock market and others available on TradingView. This versatility enables you to utilize our indicators for analysis and trading across a broad spectrum of financial instruments and assets, extending beyond the stock market alone. With adaptability to various trading strategies and styles, our indicators empower you to trade on the markets that align with your preferences.

Open Indicator Settings: Click on the indicator name at the top of your chart, then click the “Settings” gear icon.

Adjust Parameters: Tweak the settings as needed to better suit your trading style.

Apply Changes: Once you have changed your desired settings, simply click “Ok” to apply your changes and observe the indicator’s changes with new settings.

Click on the indicator name at the top of your chart, then click the “Settings” gear icon. Then select the “Defaults” tab at the bottom and click “Reset settings”.

None of our indicators or concepts exhibit repainting. They provide real-time outputs that are confirmed and remain unchanged on the chart after the candle generating them has closed.

Repainting occurs when the historical outcomes of an indicator or signal alter due to future data.

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