Installation Guide

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Installation Guide

To get started select any of the buttons provided in this guide to learn how to set up and use our indicators. Make sure you have a TradingView account before proceeding.

Choose your Market Spotter subscription

Once you have a TradingView username, visit the Market Spotter website and purchase a plan, choosing from monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions. A confirmation email with instructions will be sent once you have purchased. If you encounter any unforeseen problems or have inquiries, please reach out to

Access your indicators

First, navigate to your TradingView and select your desired chart. Click on the ‘Indicators’ tab, select ‘Invite-only scripts’ and volla you will see our Market Spotter indicators.

If you do not have access, you may have provided an incorrect TradingView username. Please check your inbox for further details, or alternatively email

Trading Checklist

Our Indicators operate on the TradingView platform. Create your free account here.

Our Indicators are compatible with all TradingView plans. If you already have a TradingView account, proceed to step 2.

Provide your TradingView username at time of purchase. Our premium trading indicators are included with all of our packages.

You will automatically be granted access to our indicators within minutes. On TradingView you can find our indicators at the top of the screen under the “Indicators” tab or fx for mobile, then click on “Invite-only Scripts”.

Click here for a comprehensive guide.

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