MACD Pulse

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MACD Pulse

Purpose: The MACD Pulse indicator is crafted to offer valuable insights into both momentum and trend strength. It builds upon the foundation of the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Indicator, providing enhanced visual cues for potential trend reversals, shifts in momentum, and overall trend strength. Additionally, it offers optional signals to further refine your analysis.

How to Apply: Choose “MACD Pulse [Market Spotter]” through the “Invite-only scripts” on TradingView.

Characteristics: This indicator detects pivot points, delivers visual signals that consider trend direction, strength, and momentum—all of which can be tailored to individual preferences. Additionally, it highlights visual bullish/bearish divergences between the price and the indicator, providing users with valuable insights into potential market reversal points.

Alerts: TradingView alerts are notifications that keep traders informed about specific market conditions or price movements in real-time. Users can set them up based on parameters like price levels or technical indicators. These alerts help traders stay updated and make timely decisions to optimize their trading strategies. You can learn how to set alerts with our indicators by viewing this tutorial.

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