Master Trend

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Master Trend

Purpose: Master Trend is crafted to detect and emphasize the current market trend along with potential stop-loss levels by leveraging dynamic Average True Range and Multiplier values. The inclusion of the Parabolic SAR assists in confirming trends and identifying potential reversals, thereby empowering traders to validate market trends and determine appropriate stop-loss values.

How to Apply: Choose “Master Trend [Market Spotter]” through the “Invite-only scripts” on TradingView.

Characteristics: Its flexibility and user-friendly interface, this indicator permits traders to customize Average True Range values, activate visual signals, establish a moving average for dynamic support and resistance, and activate the Parabolic SAR. The inclusion of alert options creates a user-friendly framework for confirming trends, assessing their strength, and managing stop-loss levels.

Alerts: TradingView alerts are notifications that keep traders informed about specific market conditions or price movements in real-time. Users can set them up based on parameters like price levels or technical indicators. These alerts help traders stay updated and make timely decisions to optimize their trading strategies. You can learn how to set alerts with our indicators by viewing this tutorial.

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