Using Discord

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Using Discord

Our Discord allows users to interact with other Market Spotter members, share ideas, get the latest market news, get updates, and enjoy many other great features. Here, we outline how to set up a Discord account for free and how to gain access to the Market Spotter server.

Setting Up A Discord Account

To set up an account on Discord, visit the Discord website, download the app and create a username.

Getting Started on Discord

Upon joining our server, you’ll initially have access to our public channels. Here, you can find announcements, information about Market Spotter, the latest crypto and market news, a chat server to connect with others, educational information and details on how to subscribe. Assistance is available in the #?questions channel.

Subscriber-Exclusive Roles

The VIP channels contain educational information, latest news which you can use as valuable trading information, 1 on 1 support, and other exclusive perks.

By subscribing to any of our packages, you’ll be able to access our VIP Discord channels. After subscribing to Market Spotter and joining our Discord server via the instructions above, please send us a message on the #join-vip channel with your email address and we will grant you access. Alternatively, you can email us at to get assistance.

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