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Our Indicators

RSI Rocket

Momentum Indicator

Unleash the power of momentum, capture market waves, and seize profitable moves!

Turbo Trend

Trend Indicator

Unlock the secrets of moving averages, visualize market trends, and discover limitless entry and exit opportunities!

Support Shield

Support & Resistance

Unmask hidden support and resistance zones, dive into the depths of market levels, and reveal the untapped percentage secrets!

Cloud Catcher

Hybrid Indicator

Harness the power of Ichimoku Cloud, unveil trend confirmation, conquer support and resistance, and scipher market sentiment for limitless entry and exit opportunities!

Signal Sniper

Scalping Indicator

Ride the real-time data wave, master price action precision, and seize swift entry and exit opportunities for scalping success on lower timeframes! Experience cutting-edge options to confirm trends and unlock lucrative trading ranges!

MACD Pulse

Trend & Momentum Indicator

MACD Pulse identifies pivot points in the market which can indicate a change in momentum and trend direction. It provides unbiased entry and exit opportunities.

Volatility Vortex

Mean Reversion Indicator

Volatility Vortex is derived from the Mean Reversion Theory, where price has a tendency to revert to its mean. This indicator also demonstrates points of dynamic Support or Resistance within the Volatility Vortex channel.

Momentum Matrix

Direction & Momentum Indicator

Momentum Matrix measures the strength and direction of any market trend, whilst providing insights on future changes of the strength of the trend.

Master Trend

Trend & Reversal Indicator

Master Trend highlights the current market trend whilst providing unbiased entry and exit opportunities. Never miss another opportunity with additional features for setting your perfect stop-loss and spotting trend reversals.

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