Our Tutorials

Our tutorials are designed to ensure users have an effortless experience when using our premium indicators. Each tutorial will visually demonstrate how to use our indicators.

Signal Dynamics Pro

Dynamic Market Assessor

Signal Dynamics Pro provides a diverse set of signal options and dynamic features suitable for various markets. Its main features are real-time support and resistance bands, trendline and range projections with signals. This multifaceted functionality offers valuable insights for traders of all levels.

Market Structure Concepts Pro

Live Market Analyzer

Market Structure Concepts Pro is an all encompassing indicator that provides valuable insights to analyze market trends, liquidity zones and fundamental market structure. It can also identify fair value gaps, premium and discount zones.

Signal Sniper

Scalping Indicator

Signal Sniper utilizes real time data and price action to provide fast entry and exit opportunities, ideal for scalping on lower timeframes. This indicator has additional options to confirm trends and provide trading ranges.

Turbo Trend

Trend Indicator

Turbo Trend is an accumulation of moving averages that visually identifies the trend direction of the market, whilst dynamically displaying unbiased entry and exit opportunities.

Support Shield

Support & Resistance

Support Shield identifies ongoing Support and Resistance zones. This Indicator demonstrates the depth of the levels of Support or Resistance, and the percentage between these zones.

Cloud Catcher

Hybrid Indicator

Cloud Catcher utilizes the Ichimoku Cloud indicator to provide trend confirmation, support and resistance and market sentiment. This indicator also provides unbiased entry and exit opportunities.

RSI Rocket

Momentum Indicator

RSI Rocket is a sequence of momentum-based Indicators that aim to take advantage of market trends, pivot points whilst signaling unbiased entry and exit opportunities.

MACD Pulse

Trend & Momentum Indicator

MACD Pulse identifies pivot points in the market which can indicate a change in momentum and trend direction. It provides unbiased entry and exit opportunities.

Volatility Vortex

Mean Reversion Indicator

Volatility Vortex is derived from the Mean Reversion Theory, where price has a tendency to revert to its mean. This indicator also demonstrates points of dynamic Support or Resistance within the Volatility Vortex channel.

Momentum Matrix

Direction & Momentum Indicator

Momentum Matrix measures the strength and direction of any market trend, whilst providing insights on future changes of the strength of the trend.

Master Trend

Trend & Reversal Indicator

Master Trend highlights the current market trend whilst providing unbiased entry and exit opportunities. Never miss another opportunity with additional features for setting your perfect stop-loss and spotting trend reversals.

Target Chaser

Trade Assisting Indicator

Target Chaser is a useful tool which will visually display your trade on the chart based on a few inputs. It automatically calculates important information in real time such as the trade’s P&L, Position Size and Risk/Reward Ratio.

Market Spotter


Stay one step ahead with signal flashes.
Get instant notifications across all indicators and timeframes + learn the art of setting alerts for your Market Spotter indicators. Watch our engaging video tutorial and don’t miss a beat in the trading arena.