Affiliate Program

Create an income; simply invite your audience to explore Market Spotter’s premium indicators.

Why promote Market Spotter?

Upon joining as an Affiliate, you’ll start at a base rate of 30% commission, but your journey with us won’t stop there.

Receive 30% Commission

We offer a 30% ongoing commission for every referral brought to us through your unique link

Receive Monthly Payments

Receive monthly payments directly to your USDT (TRC20) address for all referral commissions

Lock in your referrals

Referrals registering within a 60-day period will be permanently linked to your account

Popular questions

How does the Affiliate Program Work?

Join our Affiliate Team (no purchase required) and share your affiliate link with your audience through the platforms of your choice. Please ensure to read the disclaimer when promoting Market Spotter . When someone has successfully purchased Market Spotter through your referral, you will earn a commission.

Popular questions

When will I Receive My Commission?

Each Affiliate will receive their commission on the 1st of each month to their nominated USDT (TRC20) address. Please note that we ONLY pay affiliates in USDT (TRC20) and not trough bank transfers of any type.